welcome to
2024 - 2025
A Year and A Day

read the full invitation (incl. FAQ) here
(pdf, 733kB)

every light is a visitor on this planet
first seen on Yoko Ono / Imagine Peace Tower

what is it?
after a series of dances about the sky
at the University of Iowa (1982) and at the Guggenheim Museum New York (1984)
choreographer, intermedia artist, somatic pioneer and luminary Elaine Summers (1925-2014)
dreamed up an open invitation for anyone on this planet
to celebrate the sky in any way and medium they chose
more detailed skytime-history here

as the internet was emerging more widely around that time (1995)
she became especially interested in this (then) still very new medium ... what can it do?
a series of first contributions and concerts followed ...

this invitation is revisited for 2024-2025
in a new version towards Elaine's Centennial year
by Thomas Körtvélyessy

is there a score that I can follow?
click here for a score that can help you arrive at your very own 
skytime-contribution in five easy-to-follow steps (pdf, 526kB)

if you have further questions about your planned skytime-event
please contact skytime@skytime.org

important dates :

17 March 2024
online Birthday Celebration for Elaine Summers,
highlighting Skytime & (re-)connect
more info here

23 June 2024
first online event: come & go
12.00-14.00 UTC
* to find out when that will be in your local time zone
visit https://bit.ly/skytimecomeandgo2024

Invitation to Skytime June 23rd 2024. time zones original map by Wikipedia. all rights reserved
24 hour planetary time zones (courtesy of Wikipedia)

press release (pdf, 1.5MB)

22 June 2025
full-day (online) planetary concert
for Elaine's Centennial Year 2025

Visit www.elainesummersdance.com
for upcoming information about this event!

this rotating earth GIF-image by placidplace is 9MB so it can take am moment to download on your browser

herstory :
Elaine Summers, Invitation to Secret Dancers, Solar1, New York, (c)2005 by D. Goldberg, with kind permission
Elaine Summers in a performance of  Invitation to Secret Dancers at Solar1 New York City, 2005.
photo by D. Goldberg with kind permission. all rights reserved.

                     Elaine Summers 1925-2014 (brief bio, pdf)
Skytime history 
first Skytime collaborators

"the sky is ours all together.
consider the wonders of it all!"

Elaine Summers, 1995

   contact us :    
(contribute your skytime celebration, 
join the mailing list, etc.)


Skytime 2024-2025 A Year and A Day leads directly into
Elaine's Centennial 2025
with many other related events
Visit www.elainesummersdance.com
for upcoming information ...


license and PR
this invitation can be shared with others under the following conditions (creative commons) :
attribution = Elaine Summers must be mentioned and referenced as the originator of
and you have to make clear that this is a contribution by you, at your own responsibility.
please use the following text and hashtags when posting:

This is an independent contribution to Skytime, a project originated by Elaine Summers (www.skytime.org)
#skytime #AYearandADay #ElaineSummers

* for 2025 please add #ElaineSummersCentennial

full details here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

creative commons: attribution

original artwork: Skytime logo & new version of Skyguy © by Taketo Shimada
"Skytime" and all related artworks by Elaine Summers: © by the heirs of Elaine Summers, courtesy of the Jerome Robbins Dance Division, The New York Public Library.
sun GIF and earth, sun & moon GIF by Placidplace (peace,love,happiness) from Pixabay

all artwork used with kind permission. all rights reserved.
font Klee One by fontworks, Japan via GoogleFonts